New Zealand Pacific Access Category (PAC) Visa

Allows citizens from particular Pacific countries such as Fiji, Tuvalu, Tonga and Kiribati to be granted residence in New Zealand each year.  The places are limited to 250 places for Fiji and Tonga, Tuvalu and Kiribati just 75 annually.  Interested persons may register their interest by filling out a registration form (available from INZ).  The ballet is open for one month, usually April each year and at the closing of the ballet names are drawn from the pool by a computer system.  If your name is drawn you are invited to apply for residence.  Your partner and dependant children may also be included in the application.  You must have a sustainable full-time job offer in New Zealand, meet health and character requirements, earn a minimum wage of $33,000 NZD per annum if you have dependent children and, pay the registration fee of $75.00.

How to register?

You must complete and sign a Pacific Access Category Registration Form (INZ 1092) PDF available from INZ website. You must also include:

  • a photocopy of your birth certificate, and a photocopy of your partner’s and dependent children’s birth certificates
  • a passport size photo of the Principal Applicant only
  • the date of birth of each immediate family member included in your registration form.

The PAC ballot the registration fee is NZ$75.00 If you have registered before in any previous year, you only need to pay a re-registration fee of NZ$30.00. These fees are not refundable if your registration is not drawn in the ballot. An additional fee may be payable if you apply through a visa application centre.

Your registration form must be received by Immigration New Zealand no later than the advertised closing date, usually the 30 April or it cannot be accepted.For information on the Samoan Quota Scheme or any other immigration matters, contact us or visit our website for information on Fees and services.