Once you have made that life changing decision to immigrate what happens next?  Well we though we should put together some issues you may want to consider in your list of Things to Do:

Consider and Decide on the following:

  • Decide when you want to move and work back from there, gaining entry into New Zealand may not be an overnight task so be prepared and don’t sell the house just yet.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge about the immigration process, whether you want to work it out yourself or seek help from a Licensed Immigration Adviser.
  • Gather the paperwork you will need for your visa applications and don’t forget to include everyone applying.
  • Don’t forget your pets, depending on where your coming from your pets may need quarantine for a period of time before they are gracing your kitchen floor again.
  • Lets assume your immigration side of the move is taken care of, do you have a job lined up or will you job search when you arrive?
  • Where do you intend to live?  Have you checked out what cities in New Zealand offer you the best quality of life and leisure?
  • What community facilities would you like to live close to  schools, swimming pools, ski fields, lakes?
  • Do you have sufficient funds to support you and your family while you search for a home, job, school?

You can find answers to all your questions in this link.