Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will increase application fees from the 7 December 2015.

The new immigration levy fee will be charged on application rather than the old system where a fee was charged once the application was lodged.  The fee will replace the migrant levy fee , which was paid once a successful applicant was, approved in principle, for residence.

The fee will affect temporary visas including student, visitor and work visas, limited visas and some resident visas.  INZ is also to cancel the $92 discount that applied on some applicants.

If you’re applying online, expect a different fee structure, this is to encourage applicants to use the system rather than submit paper copies.  At present not all applicants are able to use the system,  generally speaking if you are traveling with a partner or family you must use the paper system to submit your applications.

INZ advised there will be no increase for those using the online system to apply for visitor or student visas.

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