Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser

Sheryl Gallagher Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser

Sheryl Gallagher has come from a background of travel and aviation having spent many years travelling and living in the Pacific, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and interacting with many nationalities and people from culturally rich backgrounds.  Sheryl is passionate about people and chose immigration as a career after moving to New Zealand from Australia.

Sheryl holds a Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice Level 7 and a FULL Immigration Advisers License issued by the Immigration Advisers Authority to provide advice on immigration matters.

Working from her home office in Wairoa, Hawkes Bay she shares her day with clients from all walks of life and in all corners of the world, while closer to home Sheryl conducts home visits providing assistance on immigration issues in the wider Hawkes Bay area.

Passionate about people, animals and the planet Sheryl is driven and energetic in everything she takes on, there are no problems just challenges waiting to be solved.

Sheryl Gallagher
licensed Immigration Adviser #201300500